Concerts are at the Glenwood Baptist Church.

1863 County Road 565, Vernon

Always on a Sunday, at 3pm.

                                                           * * * * * * * * * * * 

Rehearsals are at  Vernon Township High School

in the Chorus Room,

Tuesday Nights - 7:30-9:00pm

                                                           * * * * * * * * * * * 

In the Spring, we rehearse from March until June and

in the Fall, from September to December. 

We meet in the High School Chorus room.

In the evening, the school is locked but a door is open for us on the far left side of the school.  The door is by the dumpsters.  Come in and make the first right.  The music room is then the last door on the left.

Driving Directions:  The high school is on Rte 565. 

  • From the Acme Shopping Center on Rte 515:  go North on 515 to the traffic light at Burger King.  Continue through the light to the next left.  Take the left onto Vernon Crossing Road.  At the end, turn right onto Rte.517.  Continue to Pochuck's Farm, turn left onto Rte. 565.  Just past the Glenwood Baptist Church, the school entrance will be on the left.                                                 
  • From Wantage:  Take Rte. 23 to Rte. 565.  Continue to school entrance on the right in Vernon. 
  • From Franklin:  Take Rte 23 to Rudetown Road.  Make right turn onto Rudetown Rd and continue to the Yield sign in Vernon.  Turn right.  The first traffic light controls the crosswalk for Mt. Creek South.  Continue through to the next light (Sand Hill Road).  Make a left onto Sand Hill and continue.  Cross the RR tracks, and then slight turn right.  Sand Hill will run into Rte. 517.  Continue on 517.  At Pochuck's farm, turn left onto Rte 565.  High School entrance will be past the Baptist church, on the left.



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